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ON UALR Public Radio
Season 7 (2012)
Season 8 (2013)
Season 9 (2014)

2012 Spring Season
2012 Summer Season
2012 Fall Season

October 2010-December 2011

October 07:May Greibel, Brittany Edwardes, Dottie Lou Norwood
October 21:Tin Roof Project 1 with Grif Stockley
October 28: Marcia Camp, Joanna E. Seibert, Bob Donaldson, Jennifer Pierce Mathus

November 04:Tin Roof Project 2 with Suzi Parker
November 11:Lisa Brandom, Rich Adams, Lynn Schaefer
November 18:Lee Cowan, Jillian Burgess, Kandy Jones
November 25: Thanksgiving Show:  Joanna E. Seibert, Arthur Paul Bowen, Hank Godwin

December 02:Tin Roof Project 3 with Mara Leveritt
December 09:Helen Austin, Melanie Baden, Paul Guerin, Jack Shock
December 16:Rudy Martin, Gale Gill, Bradi Roberts
December 23:6th Annual Holiday Show: Lisa Brandom, Amy Manning Burns, ExcyJohnston
December 30:Amy Gray-Light, Amy Manning Burns, Kandy Jones

January 06: Tin Roof Project 4 with Lawrence Hamilton
January 13: Dottie Lou Norwood, Joanna J. Seibert, Betty McPherson
January 20: Ann Bittick, Mary Beck, Sheila Keever
January 27: Steve Whisnant, Jerry (J.B.) Hogan, Susan Elder

February 03: Tin Roof Project 5 with Janis Kearney
February 10: Hank Godwin, Chuck Butkus, Daniel Koehler
February 17: Rex Robbins, Sharolyn Jones-Taylor, Erick Maia
February 24: Darinda Sharp, Holly Patton, Mare Carmody

March 03: Tin Roof Project 6 with P. Allen Smith
March 10: Sally Graham, Phillip Michael Cottingham, Jacob Craig
March 17: Anne Gordon Perry, Rod Lorenzen, Judith Waller Carroll
March 24: Madelyn Young, Robin Satterfield, Megan Riley
March 31: Jeremy Harper, Deanna Nall, Jill Duvall

April 07: Tin Roof Project 7 with Natalie Canerday
April 14: Breast Cancer Survivors: Coco Dorsey, Penny Burkhalter, Kristi Moody, Stacey Sells, Evelyn Menz
April 21: Arkansas Literary Festival "Telling Tales" Winners: Jill Duvall, Wyatt Jones, Margie Tubbs
April 28: The Greatest Generation I: Shervena Grubbs, Wetzel LaGrone, Jay Fredrich

May 05: Tin Roof Project 8 with Graham Gordy
May 12: Annual Mother's Show: Arlene Eichelmann, Amy Manning-Burns, Christie Ison
May 19: The Greatest Generation II: Alma Hahn, Luella Faith Holwerda, Betty McPherson
May 26: Tin Roof Project 9 with Kevin Brockmeier

June 02: Delta Music Show/Little Rock Film Festival Special
June 09: Jaci Manning, Phillip Taylor, John Wells
June 16: Annual Father's Show: Frank Thurmond, Paulette Mehta, Judy Stockley
June 23: Spring Season Finale: Stan Whisman, Brenda Black, Velda Brotherton
June 30: Summer Season Kickoff: James Dunlap, Sarah Mattingly, Sandra Spotts Hamilton

July 7: Tin Roof Project 10 with Jay Jennings
July 14: Dida Gazoli, Buck Marsh, Clay Arnold
July 21: Marvin Schwartz, George S. Smith, Wetzel LaGrone
July 28: Tin Roof Project 11 with Jerry McKinnis

Aug 04: Nathan McKinney, Pat Callaway, Joy Rockenbach
Aug 07: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #1 with Grif Stockley
Aug 11: Danny Youngblood, Helen Austin, Susan Toone
Aug 14: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #2 with Suzi Parker
Aug 18: Spencer Campbell, Mike Rush, Tim Bennett
Aug 21: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #3 with Mara Leveritt
Aug 25: Tin Roof Project 12 with Judge Jack Holt and Judge Reinhold
Aug 28: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #4 with Lawrence Hamilton

Sept 01: Kate Knable, Janet Jones, Gwendolyn Brown Twillie
Sept 08: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #5 with Janis Kearney
Sept 15: Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project #6 with P. Allen Smith
Sept 22: Dottie Lou Norwood, Hope Coulter, John Wells
Sept 29: Alice Driver, Lara Rakes, Rusty Rogers

Oct 06:  Mare Carmody, John Tackett, Keith Hall
Oct 13:  Cathi Compton, Sandra Spotts Hamilton, Bill Rausch
Oct 20:  Linda English, Deana Nall, May Greibel
Oct 27:  Annual Scaredy Tales Show

Nov  03: Tin Roof Project #13 with Jill Connor Browne, THE Sweet Potato Queen
Nov 10:  Stephanie Miller, Cathi Compton, Dida Gazoli
Nov 17:  OZARK MUSIC SHOW featuring Still on the Hill
Nov 24: Tin Roof Project #14 with Korto Momolu

Dec 01: Tim Bennett, Rhonda Owen, Jack Shock
Dec 08:  Tall Tales: Susan Elder, Kathy McGregor, Jennifer Miller
Dec 15:  Melanie Baden, Judith Gardner, Cathi Compton 
Dec 22:  Annual Holiday Show: Sara Mitchell, Sandra Spotts-Hamilton, Joy Cressler, Paul Bowen
Dec 29:  2011 Finale featuring Top 6 Stories of the Year

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